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17th Century Parquetry – Yosegi Japanese Art To Affluent Floors In France Then Worldwide

17th Century Parquetry – Yosegi Japanese Art To Affluent Floors In France Then Worldwide

If you’re considering a home remodel, there’s a high chance that you’ve put quite a lot of thought into the type of flooring you want for your revamped space.

Considering how popular timber flooring has become, I’d say there’s an even higher chance that you’ve considered this sturdy and timeless option.  But, with so many designs, timbers, and price ranges to consider, how in the world are you supposed to decide?

Parquetry Flooring - From Historical Nobility to Modern Chic

If you’re like many in the home remodeling world, the ever-growing trend of Parquetry flooring has crossed your mind.  With elegant designs and myriad possibilities, the sky (or your floor!) is the limit. This gorgeous flooring option, as stated above, offers almost limitless design possibilities and truly allows the buyer to fulfill the needs of their space to their own specific design ideas.

But beauty isn’t this flooring’s only high point.  These floors are renowned for their durability and ease of upkeep.  The flooring is flexible and treated with a water resistant mix of chemicals that keeps them looking beautiful and crack resistant for decades to come.  By ensuring that you take care of your floors by cleaning them regularly, you’re not only investing in the beauty of your home, but in the peace of mind in knowing that your floors will continue to be as lovely as the day they were installed.

A Bit of History

Although Parquetry flooring may have fallen out of style during the first half of the 20th century, it’s making a huge comeback as modern homeowners recognize the freedom of design and price that this unique flooring option gives them.  Whether you prefer a more traditional design of large squares and minimal colour ranges, or have in mind a truly modern and chic design that’ll have your floors looking like a geometric work of art, Parquetry flooring spans every design style and need and offers truly limitless possibilities to the homeowner considering it.  The nobility of France knew this centuries ago, and this fact holds true to this day.

Parquetry flooring was created in France during the year 1684 and was originally referred to as “parquet de Versailles“. 

The design of large timber squares placed in elegant designs was much preferred to the traditional marble flooring that many spacious and expensive homes had at the time.  The marble flooring itself required constant cleaning and care, and the weight and porous nature of the marble often led to the rotting and ruin of the joints beneath the floor.  This caused quite a bit of structural and, frankly, expensive damage to homes that were renowned for being elegant and rich in taste and design.

Parquetry flooring gave the wealthy of the time a new and exciting way to showcase the beauty of their homes without requiring the care and headache that the previous flooring caused them.  With so many choices of timber and design, this particular flooring allowed for these homes to be unique in a way that paved the way for today’s range of interior flooring designs.

But, the French weren’t the only ones who had fallen in love with the design possibilities and beauty that the idea of Parquetry allowed.

Around the same time in the 17th century the Japanese created a type of art known as Yosegi

Like Parquetry, multiple types of timber was used in the creation of this unique art form, often using local and exotic timbers such as Bitterwood, the Japanese Judas Tree, Ash, Dogwood, Japanese Big-Leaf Magnolia, and Cherry just to name a few.

The timber that was desired was cut into rods of the preferred size, and glued together to create unique geometric patterns.  Then, with extreme care, the surface of these combined rods are shaved or thinly sliced to create a paper-thin layer of beautiful wood art that is then placed on boxes, wall hangings, and other works of handcrafted art.

Today, Japenese craftsmen continue keeping this gorgeous art form alive by creating and selling their art.  You can find these one of a kind creations in museums and traditional homes alike, and with the modern world’s love of handcrafted art growing every day, it only makes sense that this art form is growing in popularity throughout the world as well.

Considering Parquetry as a flooring option?

When considering Parquet flooring for your Melbourne home or business, it’s important to keep in mind the size of the space, the colour palette that you’re interested in following, the types of timber that you’d like to implement, and the design that will enhance your room to its utmost beauty.

Also, with the complexity that may come with your chosen design, you may want to consider hiring a professional Melbourne flooring tradesman to install your Parquetry flooring.

By hiring professionals, you not only ensure that the pattern you desire is placed perfectly, but save yourself any concerns or worry of mistakes and/or accidental damage.

As mentioned above, with so many types of timber available, almost any colour and texture combination is possible when considering the design you want for your space.

Some of the more popular timbers used in the creation of these flooring designs is lime, oak, pine, cherry, and maple, with bamboo making a surprising climb up the popularity ladder due to its sturdy texture and lower cost.

Some tropical and exotic timbers such as mahogany are also used and admired for their rich colours and beauty, but are more costly and are known to be of softer texture. The important thing is to know your space, know your budget, and let your imagination run wild with the possibilities that this historical and often admired flooring allows you.

Shop online now or drop into our showroom, we supply and install Parquetry flooring Melbourne wide. DIY or opt to have your floor installed by one of our highly skilled tradespeople.

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