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Comparing Bamboo Flooring To Hardwood Floors

Comparing Bamboo Flooring To Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors feature beautiful surfaces that appeal to numerous Australian homeowners. However, many people have started to compare conventional hardwood flooring with bamboo. This decision has an assortment of consequences regarding convenience, durability, style and the environment.


Australians can choose between three major flooring styles when they select bamboo. These options include compressed grain, horizontal and vertical. Strand-woven is another name for compressed grain. We exclusively offer compressed-grain products from many elite manufacturers. These high-quality boards were specifically developed for Australia’s climate, so they offer a better solution than standard strand-woven products. Strand-woven bamboo surpasses traditional hardwoods in a number of ways. Its top-notch durability ensures that it lasts for many years. At the same time, bamboo comes in many different colours, surface finishes and textures. Nearly every Australian homeowner can find a style that matches his or her dwelling and accommodates personal preferences.

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In addition to occasional spills, floors constantly experience the pounding of shoes. Pets expose them to sharp claws as well. It’s vital to select flooring that can stand up to regular use without becoming unattractive. Our company only offers well-made products that feature superior ruggedness. You can rely on their impressive longevity to cut costs in the long run. The strand-woven bamboo we stock is far more durable than Jarrah for example. It dependably resists damage from dog claws and high heels.

Denting and scratching seldom occur. On the other hand, hardwood flooring frequently suffers considerable damage as people and animals walk on it. The surface eventually loses its original beauty. Appearance A durable material won’t help if you don’t like the style of your new flooring. Be sure to select a product that suits your home’s decor and matches other construction materials. Some bamboo ranges have been designed and constructed to mimic a real timber floor.

Their traditional woodgrain style can complement a wide range of room designs. Engineered bamboo looks similar to engineered hardwood flooring. Many homeowners feel that it offers a more interesting and modern style. Unlike other strand-woven boards, it features cross-lamination. This prevents the floor from becoming uneven or unstable. Australians benefit from bamboo’s attractive appearance, coupled with stability and durability at an affordable cost.

Why don’t we carry horizontal or vertical bamboo products? Some Australians prefer these boards because they have obvious knots that give them a highly authentic appearance. The problem is that they aren’t nearly as hard as strand-woven flooring or even jarrah. Most people become dissatisfied because they wear out too quickly.


You can order bamboo in multiple shades of several appealing colours. This makes it possible to find a suitable product for just about any home. Bamboo predictably delivers the same colours. This means that our samples and showroom displays are highly accurate. The actual product will look quite similar.

Bamboo flooring offers uniform yet natural colours. Timber flooring colours may change substantially as the years pass. Sunlight can also cause a bamboo floor to become darker or lighter. The shade changes while the colour remains the same. This ensures that it won’t eventually conflict with your cabinet, door, furniture, appliance or wall colours.


You can make a more environmentally responsible choice by selecting bamboo flooring. This genuinely renewable product grows much faster than conventional timber. Its height often increases by 30 centimeters in just 24 hours.

Consequently, smaller plantations can produce the raw material in sufficient quantities. Another benefit of fast growth is that bamboo is available more widely and consistently. This might reduce transportation-related pollution because it decreases the likelihood that materials must be carried long distances. Homeowners may not need to wait as long when they order bamboo floors instead of equivalent hardwood products.


Bamboo arrives at your home in the form of ready-to-use boards. They already have seven layers of scratch-resistant polyurethane.

As a result, there’s no need to polish, sand or paint a floor during installation. This greatly expedites the process and allows you to immediately begin walking on the surface. You won’t need to leave your home while the installers work. The setup process doesn’t produce any dust or fumes. This protects your health, especially if you are sensitive to particulate matter. It also eliminates the need to clean up sawdust and spills. On the other hand, installers usually polish and sand timber flooring inside of customers’ homes. The bottom line is that bamboo flooring surpasses hardwood floors in terms of durability, appearance and ease of installation. It’s resistant to both dents and termite invasions. The ruggedness of strand-woven bamboo outshines other types of bamboo as well. Consequently, it’s easy to understand why more and more people select bamboo instead of timber.

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