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Flooring Calculator

Not sure how much material you will need for your renovations project? Measure the approximate sqm required using our flooring calculator below.

How To Measure For A New Flooring Renovation – Step By Step

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Whether you’re installing a new carpet, tiles or hardwood floor, it’s a big project and an expensive one. You don’t want to be overcome with the fear that you’re going to make a mistake. One of the most common concerns is ordering enough material to complete the job. You don’t want to have a substantial amount left over and you don’t want to be holding your breath to see if you have enough to finish.


STEP 1 – Measuring

Measuring is important. Being fair, accurate and honest in your measuring is required. First, get a piece of paper and draw a rough outline of your room. Make sure you include the inside of any closet or nook. Next, get a tape measure that is longer than the largest dimension of your room.

Firstly, measure the width of the room and the length. Note these measurements on your drawing. To calculate the number of square meters you need, simply multiply the length by the width. This will give you the number of square meters you need. For example, if your room is 10 meters across and 12 meters wide, you will need 120 square meters of material (10 meters x 12 meters = 120 square meters).

If your floor plan is for a room with an irregular shape, take your drawing and divide it up into square or rectangular sections. Measure each section, marking the lines and measurements on your drawing. Calculate the area of each section, add them together for your total area.


STEP 2 – Allow for wastage

You must order additional flooring to cover waste, use 5 – 10% to calculate the wasteage needed. 5% is generally enough for an experienced installer. If you have many irregular shapes, angles or curves, allow a higher amount of wastage.


STEP 3 – Ordering

Flooring is sold by the box. Read the labels on the box carefully. The manufacturer will note how many pieces of flooring are contained in a box and the area that the flooring will cover. To calculate the number of boxes of flooring you need, use the area of the floor that you’ve calculated and add in the wastage.

For example if your total area including waste was 88sqm, and each box contains 2.5sqm, you need this amount of boxes – 88/2.5 = 35.2 boxes. Since you can generally only buy full boxes, you need to decide if you want 35 boxes or 36 boxes. In this case 35 boxes would be 87.5sqm and most likely enough for your project. But you may want to play safe and buy 36 boxes which is 90sqm.

When you are ready to order your flooring, you’ve already taken waste into account. However, you may want to order an additional box or two. That way, if there is damage to your floor, you won’t have to stop your project in order to get more material. You can keep the extra in storage in case you damage a few pieces or you remodel and need just a few more pieces to finish an area. Styles and colours do get discontinued and this will protect you from that.



So there you have it! On a final note, be sure to measure carefully and buy a bit of surplus, and you’ll be well equipped to complete your project without any stress, and without over-spending.

Flooring calculator

Enter the dimensions for each room you are renovating, and the calculator will work out the final estimate.

Eg Lounge room, dining room etc. Add as many rooms as you like.
Rooms total sqm combined.
It's better to allow for 10%, but you can also try 7% or 5% as a minimal if you are an experienced installer.
Approximate sqm you will need for your entire project, taking wastage % into account.

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