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Some of the things our customers like to know

Frequently Asked Questions

How much extra flooring do I need to order to allow for wastage?

At O’Brien Timber Floors we recommend minimum 5% extra for square/rectangular shaped rooms, up to 10% for oddly shaped rooms with angles or curves.

What is the hardest wearing floor?

O’Brien Timber Floors believe that Strand Woven Bamboo, along with Laminate boards are the two hardest wearing products. For natural timbers please ask about our Janka Ratings for individual species hardness ratings.

What is a floating floor?

A floating floor as the name suggests timber floors which “float” on top of underlay. The boards are not nailed or glued down to the sub-floor. The underlay allows the floor to expand and contract due to high temperature/humidity days. O’Brien Timber Floors have various underlays to choose from.

What gap do we have to leave around the edges of the floor?

We recommend 8-10mm gap to allow for expansion.

Are timber floors suitable for bathrooms or laundries?

No, the excess moisture and steam will ruin your new floor. O’Brien Timber Floors recommend Vinyl Planks for wet areas.

Can I use timber floors in kitchen area?

Yes, there is no problem while using timber floors in the kitchen, just be sure to clean up spills and leaks as quickly as possible.

Can I install my floor myself?

Most laminate floors, engineered timber and bamboo floor boards are available in a “click lock” design which makes for a very simple install. Most people with a basic knowledge of power tools will be able to install these quite easily. For solid timber installs, O’Brien Timber Floors recommends using a timber flooring installation Melbourne professional.

How do I clean my new timber floor?

We recommend using a soft broom to sweep up debris, then a slightly damp mop to clean. Avoid using harsh chemicals which will strip the protective layers of your floor. Also avoid steam and excess water, both of which are harmful to your floor. You can read a post at our blog here on this topic.

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