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Did you know that natural hardwood is not the only material that will give you the appearance of a beautiful solid timber floor?

Manufacturers are able to replicate the look of wood using several different types of materials, like vinyl and laminate timber effect flooring. These manufactured timber floors offer benefits that natural wood does not have. On the other hand, there are characteristics of natural wood that the manufacturing process cannot recreate.

Having a hard time deciding on a type of flooring material? Perhaps this comparison of vinyl planks and hardwood flooring types can help.

Blackbutt Engineered Timber

What is Vinyl And Laminate Timber Look Flooring?

Hardwood is a natural material. It is produced by cutting down trees from forests. Vinyl and :aminate are artificial, composite products with the colour and markings that are seen in natural wood grains. Modern printing technology now allows manufacturers to create vinyl and laminate that simulates several different species of native (Tasmanian Oak, Spotted Gum and Blackbutt) and exotic timbers.

What Is The Cost of Vinyl Planks Compared To Natural Timber?

Hardwood and engineered timber flooring is more expensive than vinyl flooring. On average, natural wood floors can cost between $70 and $130 per square metre. To save money, you may want to consider vinyl floors.

Luxury Vinyl Planks can cost between $39 and $55 per square metre for high quality materials. You can purchase vinyl for as little as $25 per square metre. However, inexpensive vinyl will lack durability. The cheaper cost vinyl flooring is not as attractive as their higher-end counterparts. Sheet vinyl is not as expensive as tile. However, it will cost you more to have sheet vinyl flooring installed. So, taking the costs of installation into consideration, there is not much of a price difference between sheet and vinyl plank flooring. Specialty prints, designs, and textures may have an effect on the cost of vinyl flooring.

Timber Look Luxury Vinyl Planks

How Long Do Vinyl Floors Last And How Durable Are They?

Vinyl flooring is available in two styles – solid and printed. The two types of vinyl flooring have characteristics that may make one option better than the other. Solid vinyl floors are “through body”. In other words, the colour of solid vinyl goes throughout the flooring. However, the surface of solid vinyl floors will get scratched and dented over time. Printed vinyl has an invisible wear layer that protects the floor’s surface. It tends to have more longevity than solid vinyl floors. The longevity of printed vinyl depends on the thickness of its protective coating. Manufacturers warranty vinyl wood floors for 20-25 years.

Hardwood floors can last generations as long as they receive proper maintenance and care. The type of wood used for wood floors can impact their level of damage resistance. Owners of wood floors can use a hardwood floor treatment to enhance the natural strength of their floors. Hardwood floors that show damage are repairable. When the floors become damaged, they can be refinished or repaired to restore the wood’s natural beauty.

Because the surface of vinyl is a printed representation of wood, it can be made to look like any type of wood. The market does determine the cost of vinyl planks. However, there isn’t going to be a major pricing difference between common and exotic types of wood when using vinyl wood flooring. Padding can also be installed underneath a vinyl floor. You will have the appearance and feel that hardwood floors add to a space combined. The additional padding makes the floor more comfortable. Installing vinyl flooring with padding creates a better insulated and energy-efficient room.

Not all hardwood floors are alike. There are several factors that can affect how the wood flooring will look. Factors like the wood’s grade, species, cut, colour, and the finish treatments that are used on the floor can affect how the floor looks. The different types of wood used for the flooring can also influence the how much natural wood flooring will cost.

Vinyl Planks And Wet Areas

Because vinyl flooring is impermeable, it is not damaged by humidity or moisture. You can also wet mop the floor to clean thoroughly, unlike timber floors. Because of vinyl’s moisture-resistant characteristics, vinyl is ideal flooring for bathrooms, laundries, and basements.

Final Consideration – Laminate Flooring

If you are opting for a timber look floor over engineered or solid timber, laminate flooring should also be considered. Laminate is also highly durable and perfect for wet areas and is available in an array of wood effects, colours and styles, and is often cheaper than luxury vinyl planks. 

Timber look laminate flooring.

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