Timber Floor Finishing Types To Consider

Timber Floor Finishing Types To Consider

Something to consider before you decide on your flooring, is the surface finish you like.
Are you after a more natural look, something to give an antique vibe, or perhaps a fresh, modern satin lacquer floor is the order of the day? As always we’re here to help! This handy flooring finish guide will tell you all you need to know when choosing a look that is right for your home.


The first option you have is an unfinished flooring. An unfinished floor will have only had its surface sanded before it makes its way to your home.

This could be an option for those looking to create something really bespoke, perhaps using alternative colour stains and oils. Bear in mind that flooring is more susceptible to damage if it does not carry an appropriate protective finish.



Designed for use with our solid or engineered timber floors, a satin lacquer finish boasts great durability. This finish is also incredibly easy to clean.

With this finish you’ll have an even sheen, meaning light is gently reflected for a fresh and airy feel. This is especially useful in rooms that don’t possess an abundant natural light source.

Satin Lacquer


Thanks to modern production methods, some of our products are fully prefinished with natural oils before they arrive. This is a transparent finish that allows the natural beauty of the wood to shine through, hence its uptake by households throughout the country.

It still does fantastic work in protecting your floor, although it will require occasional maintenance including regular cleaning. Keep in mind that this flooring has its perks and is still superior in that it will be easy to make it look brand new again by spot cleaning it.



A matt lacquer finish allows your wood floor to appear as nature intended- protected but without too extravagant a gloss effect. Immensely popular as a result of this, matt lacquer is virtually invisible yet still carries out a superb job.

This finish makes for an effect similar to that of an oiled floor, but with simpler maintenance.



You may have noticed that some of O’Brien Timber Floors products carry a ‘brushed’ finish.

Before applying a flooring finish, a wood surface will be roller brushed in order to remove the softer summer growth rings from the grain. From this emerges a naturally textured surface that does a brilliant job highlighting the structure of the grain and providing a fine, rich texture.



The ‘distressed’ look has experienced a big comeback within interior design circles, adding real charm and character to the home. The flooring will be put through a machine- or in some cases by hand- to scrape away at its surface, and following this, a stain will be applied to complement the newly uneven finish. The end result is a deliberately aged, distressed look and feel.


Still not sure what style you like best? Chat to one of our Melbourne flooring retailer experts 7 days. Drop into our larg showroom where you can view hundreds of products on display.


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