Bamboo flooring Melbourne

If you are looking for a large selection of beautiful bamboo flooring browse our extensive range below. We currently have over 90 different products in stock in a variety of styles and colours to suit all tastes. We offer a supply only option for DIY projects and professional installation Melbourne wide. Search for your dream floor by brand, colour, thickness and surface finish using our easy to use floor finder.

Strand Woven Bamboo floors are the hardest wearing of the natural products we sell, almost twice as strong as most Oaks and Timbers. Suitable for the modern family home, it is difficult to damage, easy to maintain, and available in a variety of colours and surface finishes. So no matter what your style of home is, we have a beautiful bamboo floor to suit your needs, which will stand the test of time.

Bamboo is a highly sustainable and renewable crop, growing to usability in as little as 3 years, and to full maturity in 5 years. Compare that to the 30 years it takes some hardwoods to grow!

For this reason, strand woven bamboo has become a hugely popular alternative to timber flooring, as we strive to look after our planet. Strand woven bamboo is vastly different from traditional bamboo flooring. While the older style of bamboo flooring was made up from strips of bamboo bonded together, which was very easy to damage, strand woven bamboo uses a completely different process.

The bamboo crop is shredded into fibres, and then compressed and bonded back together under high pressure to form a new, stronger sheet of bamboo which is then manufactured into planks. Strand woven bamboo is also extremely moisture resistant, both naturally and due to the manufacturing process, which is a great quality for a timber floor.

Perhaps the best thing about strand woven bamboo is the price! Nestled in between laminate and timber price points, it provides a natural floor covering at a great price. Get in touch with our bamboo flooring Melbourne experts today for a free measure and quote for your special home or business project.


” I am very pleased and expectations exceeded with the customer service and professional installation offered by O’Brien Timber Floors. I recommend this business to anyone looking for affordable and modern flooring solutions. I will be forever grateful for their invaluable advice on my first home renovation using bamboo flooring “.
Barry Plant Monash
” We use and recommend O’Brien Timber Floors. Not only is the quality and durability of the timber/product great by the service in particular is a stand out. Charlie and his team and always so helpful! Our landlords, vendors, buyers and family and friends have all been so impressed. Being so local is also a great advantage “!

” After shopping around I found O’Briens had the beautiful European Oak timber that I’d envisioned. I wanted wide luxurious boards and Charlie delivered, Charlie earned my trust and he understood I needed to keep to a tight budget and he was creative and understanding. I paid extra for glueing as well as nailing and the result was awesomely solid. I truly recommend Charlie and hope your floors are as amazing as mine turned out “.

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