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Engineered Timber

engineered timber flooring Melbourne

We stock an extensive range of engineered timber flooring products in a vast array of colours and finishes, be sure to check out our online catalogue below.

Take advantage of our easy to use search and filter floor finder to help you narrow down your favourite engineered timber floor in just a few clicks.

Search by brand, colour, finish and thickness, make your shortlist then contact us for a free measure and quote.

All of our products come with long warranties and we offer professional installation Melbourne wide and also provide a supply only option for those who would rather install their floor themselves.

All of our work is insured and guaranteed and with over 20 years experience, you are assured of only the best quality work and tradespeople. 

Engineered timber provides the same natural beauty as solid timber, but with the advantages of increased stability and easier installation. As the name suggests, the boards are engineered from more than one layer of timber. The top layer is called the Lamella, and is a layer between 2mm and 4mm thick of the timber species you require.

There are generally 2 more layers which may consist of ply, hardwood or hevea, and each layer is bonded at 90 degrees to the previous layer, creating a board which is incredibly resistant to warping, swelling, or shrinking due to changes in temperature and humidity.

These boards are so stable, that they can be installed as a floating floor, as opposed to the traditional glue and nail down method used for solid timber boards. Engineered timber is available in Australian species or exotic species from overseas.

It has become more popular than solid timber flooring due to the stability benefits, ease of installation and subsequent price point. The advances in technology have allowed for an incredible variety of finishes, colours and board widths up to 180mm.

Let our engineered timber flooring Melbourne experts assist in helping you find the perfect solution for your home or commercial business. We have matt and gloss finishes, hand scraped surfaces, textured surfaces – the choices are almost limitless. Take advantage of these stunningly elegant and timeless designs and treat yourself to the floor you have always dreamed of!


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