Sanding a Floor – Tips That Help You Through the Process

Sanding a Floor – Tips That Help You Through the Process

Choosing to do away with wall-to-wall carpeting and enjoying the beauty of a hardwood floor is a smart decision. While you may not have tackled this type of project before, you may be able to manage the essentials easier than you thought possible.

Evaluating the Floor’s Condition

Once everything is moved out of the room and the floor is laid bare, examine it carefully. The goal is to identify any sections that are weak and need replacing, boards that could use a little tightening, and any other defects that should be filled and patched, which will pave the way for the sanding process.

Preparing the Floor

Now that you know what needs to be remedied, it’s time to take care of any problems.

Tighten the loose boards, fix or remove loose nails, and fill in any holes. Remember that much of the repairs can be done using kits. If any of the tasks are more than you feel comfortable taking on, it’s fine to have a professional come in and deal with them.

Once the repairs are made, make sure the floor is swept and mopped before you begin. Getting rid of any surface dirt will make the rest of the restoration project easier.

Time for the Sanding

It is very important to know how to manage everything properly. Always read all the instructions that come with the sanding equipment before you plug in the sanding machine. It also helps to know what grade of sandpaper to start with and when to change to a finer grain. Pay close attention to the warning and do not start the sander while it’s resting on the timber, as this could damage your floor.

Try to sand in the direction of the wood grain if possible, and keep in mind that you will need to go over the floor more than once. In between rounds, sweep the floor and change to a finer grade of sandpaper. Remember to unplug the machine before changing the paper.

Applying the Finish

What would you like for your newly sanded floor? Once all the dust is removed, choose a product that will bring out the beauty of the wood. Perhaps a simple waxing will be enough. If you want to stain or vanish the floor, remember to start in a corner far from the door and work your way across. While it will take time and patience, you can sand and restore your flooring! 🙂

Is your old floor restoration more hassle than it’s worth? Why not let your Melbourne flooring experts help you find a brand new floor? We supply materials to DIYers and also take care of all your flooring installation needs if required. So why not get on touch today and let us find you the best price for your new floor.


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